4-Gas Stationary Engine Course

Service, maintenance and repairs

4.1.GSE.PreQ-WHS.DR.VentGas Basics.2024

4.1-Gas Stationary Engines Courses . 

Pre-Requisites - WHS -DR-VENTILATION 

NEW 2024

This a pre- course for any Gas Student as a Bizmatrix requisite 

CPCPCM2043 Carry Out WHS requirements 
Learner material for  Disconnect & reconnecting Type A gas appliances 

Learner material for  Calculate and installing natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances

Gas Basics - Chapters 1-6 from Smiths Gas services 3 e 
And Basic Gas safety - review and check of knowledge/ refresher 

Skill Level: Intermediate

4.2-Gas Stationary Engines Online Course Face-to-face

UEPMNT368 Repair and maintain stationary-fuelled reciprocating engines

UEPMNT367 Install and commission stationary-fuelled reciprocating engines

 This unit covers the installation and commissioning of stationary gas-fuelled reciprocating engines for approval where required. It encompasses working safely and to installation standards matching the plant/equipment, location, components, and fuel train pipe-work to given specifications. Commissioning the plant and equipment including pre-commissioning tests, start-up, and adjusting components and controls to safe and efficient operation.  Completing all necessary installation and commissioning documentation.

Skill Level: Intermediate