7.DI- Service Type A gas and 

Restricted Electrical- ( Victoria) 

Started in 2021-

The new 2024  Service Type A gas courses and  Restricted Electrical courses area 

Only for Specific courses.

1-DI-Gas Courses Prerequisites - WHS 

Melbourne Students 

for CPCPGS4022 Service Type A gas appliances 

CPCPCM2043 Carry Out WHS requirements 
CPCPGS3053 Disconnect & reconnect Type A gas appliances 
Gas Basics - Chapters 1-6 from Smiths Gas services 3 e 
And Basic Gas safety - Pre-requisties 

Skill Level: Beginner

2.DI.PGL.GAS.CPCPGS4022.Service Type A gas Appliances 2024

CPCPGS4022 Service Type A Gas Appliances - R1-26-11-2021

ONLINE Face to face Modules 

Skill Level: Beginner


1.DI-REL.TT-WHS.2024 Test and Tag+WHS

This skill set is designed for all participants who require basic electrical and WHS safety for the electrical industry
The online course is two parts
Part 1- What is electricity? And WHS 
UEECD0007 Apply work health and safety regulations and codes of practices in the workplace.
Part 2- The test and tag subject 
UEERL0003- Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord-connected equipment and cord assemblies

Skill Level: Beginner

 2.Di -Restricted Electrical  2024 UNITS


  • Disconnect Reconnect -
  • Basic Electrical education
  • Locate Recifify and Plugs and cords 

Skill Level: Intermediate