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Courses up to November 2021 

Active courses sent to be archived 

3-GAS-HLTF211A-Provide basic emergency life support 

Basic First Aid Course for the Gas Students 

Before you start the Voyage of Discovery  

1-Gas Basics- Induction & E-learning-2021
Gas Education Journey 

Need to know........

5-CPCPGS3050A- Type B gas flues design Course

4-Resources- Type B gas courses 

This folder and section has Type B gas resources and information for students and learners completing the following:

  • Type B gas Students
  • Gas Stationary Engine Students 
  • Advanced Type B gas Students 
  • Type A Gas Students 
  • Post gas Students 

Numbers Maths Learnings-101

How to and learnings on Numbers and maths>

Bizmatrix Student Induction- Resources AREA.

Includes - How to guides and what is required.- Where to get it .

  • Message from the CEO
  • The BBB-Virtual Class process.
  • How to navigate the eLearning.
  • The required Australian Standards for your training - access and download area.
  • What is required.
  • Some basic Information 

1-GSE- Gas basics- Gas Stationary Engines-2021

This the first part of the Pre- Learning before the remaining ONLINE - E-Learning units are completed for the gas stationary engine course.

Gas Induction - gas basics... First 5 chapters of the Cengage gas text book