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Courses up to November 2021 

Active courses sent to be archived 

3-GAS-HLTF211A-Provide basic emergency life support 

Basic First Aid Course for the Gas Students 

EXPIRED-Nov 2021 -ONLINE -Type B Gas -seven (7) modules + (5-five F2F) attendees

NEW COVID -19- ONLINE  Type B gas course 

Type B gas course- ONLINE  for seven modules  then  only 5 Days Face to face 

This course is designed to complete all the theory and theory assessments online.

Then when the all-clear is given - we will complete the course with a concentrated five days of practice.

There are moves to reduce the face to face days further with other evidence . .

5-CPCPGS3050A- Type B gas flues design Course

Welcome to the learning resource for the unit CPCPGS4011C Design and size consumer gas installations. This resource will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to demonstrate competence in this unit.

A learning resource such as this is not intended to be the only source of information you use to develop skills and knowledge in the unit it relates to. Your trainer, instructor or supervisor will provide you with additional information and information sources throughout your training.

4-Resources- Type B gas courses 

This folder and section has Type B gas resources and information for students and learners completing the following:

  • Type B gas Students
  • Gas Stationary Engine Students 
  • Advanced Type B gas Students 
  • Type A Gas Students 
  • Post gas Students 

Numbers Maths Learnings-101

How to and learnings on Numbers and maths>

Bizmatrix Student Induction- Resources AREA.

Includes - How to guides and what is required.- Where to get it .

  • Message from the CEO
  • The BBB-Virtual Class process.
  • How to navigate the eLearning.
  • The required Australian Standards for your training - access and download area.
  • What is required.
  • Some basic Information 

1-GSE- Gas basics- Gas Stationary Engines-2021

This the first part of the Pre- Learning before the remaining ONLINE - E-Learning units are completed for the gas stationary engine course.

Gas Induction - gas basics... First 5 chapters of the Cengage gas text book